We offer a selected set of workshops for selected individuals or organisations to become accredited to deliver.

Rapid Results from Teams

Solve your problems in 1 day

A manager’s prime responsibility is to create, sustain and increase profit. These are just two ways to increase profit – by increasing sales or reducing costs.

To increase sales, a manager may: acquire a company, restructure (adding new services to products), improve customer service or implement a new business strategy. To reduce costs, a manager may: restructure (downsize), implement a new IT system or increase productivity.

Create value by making the problem harder and solving it faster

In your organisation you will face increasing pressure to produce more for less. More with less time, more with less money, more with less people. You will be faced with problems more and more often, so you need a tool to help you solve these problems, and solve them fast.

The Rapid Results from Teams ® workshop helps your business capture value by identifying problems and selecting the best solution fast.

The workshop uses reason and imagination to deliver practical solutions.

In the Rapid Results from Teams® workshop you will use the globally acclaimed Idea Pack© to generate breakthrough ideas – to produce results fast.

Most organisations have limited resources (time, money and people) to exploit ideas. So, after creating lots of good ideas, it is critical to use the Idea Pack© to help choose the best idea to work on.

Program objectives

This workshop allows participants to see their problems from different points of view.

From working with senior managers around the globe on strategic issues, the Idea Pack© captures years of experience, the Idea Pack© collects the most effective ways of identifying strategic issues in business problems from many industries.

This process allows diverse teams to be innovative and then create practical solutions.

The Idea Pack© encourages people with different communication and thinking preferences to work productively on business problems.

This innovative process uses rigor and relevance to accelerate solutions for your real world business problems.

Continually striving for new ways of doing business will keep your organisation thriving. Not simply solving new problems as they arise, but rather renewing the organisation when there is no pressing need will produce results faster than your competitor.

Who should attend?

·       Senior managers and functional managers who want to solve business problems fast

·       Representatives from different departments who can influence the solution of a complex problem

·       Companies who want to work with their customers to: solve a serious problem or seize an exciting opportunity


This workshop will develop breakthrough actions to solve practical business problems fast and it will create:

·       Value for your clients

·       Value for your team

·       Value for your business