Persuading for Results

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Persuading for Results


When persuading for results, you will need to persuade individuals and persuade groups. For most high-stakes persuasion, you must persuade a group - a group with diverse people, diverse interests and diverse opinions - this book will make you more effective at persuading groups.

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Revealed in this book:

  • Breakthrough thinking for faster preparation
  • Effective methods of persuasion
  • Buying styles
  • Influencing executives
  • Using language persuasively
  • Persuading with stories
  • Persuading with images
  • Most common mistakes
  • How to create a positive impression instantly

... and plenty more!

The book also provides free access to:

  • The Persuaders Toolkit - online tools to help you create dynamic presentations
  • Online access to 100 original pictures and quotations

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