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Persuading for Results

In challenging economic conditions, winning business is getting tougher. Competitors are hungry for business and are aggressively discounting their prices.

Communicate value

The research on persuasion has expanded rapidly, providing many insights and practical ideas to help influence - stakeholders, customers and staff - by adjusting messages to suit different people, to influence in less time. The persuasive presenter must frame their presentation to meet decision maker's needs and the decision maker's perception of value.

Effective persuasion needs the competence to compel action. This workshop combines research from sales, marketing and psychology to allow teams to be more persuasive by applying practical tools. In this increasingly complex world, the skill of persuasion is becoming more valuable. Each day thousands of people use some of the tools of persuasion, yet few people understand why the tools work and fewer people use a wide collection of tools.

This intensive one-day workshop includes the Persuading for Results model, and examines what it takes to win. It includes a unique process to help you confidently deliver strong presentations.

This workshop is for the experienced presenter, who wants to move from good to great!

Program objectives

Persuading for Results will prepare participants for critical presentations to both key internal and external stakeholders:

  • to win business against tough competitors
  • to deliver more effective presentations
  • to communicate the value created
  • to communicate how to produce results for clients
  • highlight the need to manage both emotion and logic

Who should attend?

Teams that come together to work on large value, complex presentations: Executives, Senior Managers, Experienced Sales people and teams that need to present critical presentations.

Industries that have benefited: Financial Services, Banking, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products, Engineering and Construction.


Participants will:

  • Understand how to engage the hearts and minds of their audience
  • Dramatically improve their chances of making the sale
  • Create more compelling messages on value
  • Create persuasive presentations, faster

Client Review

“I have used some concepts to change the way we were approaching a client presentation – very valuable course.”

“This will enable me to encourage growth in my client’s company that has previously resisted.”

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