Negotiate for Results

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Change the focus to value

For today's leaders, negotiation is a vital skill to achieve results in a range of business interactions. When you understand how to effectively negotiate, you can plan and achieve better outcomes in every situation.

Negotiate for Results® will help participants master the skills of a successful negotiator by focusing on the preparation, process and the people to develop creative solutions, stronger relationships and better deals.

Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge on all phases of the negotiation process:

  • scoping
  • preparing
  • post-negotiation analysis

hrough interactive models, role-play and case studies, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of influencing and negotiation, given the opportunity to discover how to leverage value and guided to develop and refine your abilities.

Participants will put knowledge into action by developing a 30-day action plan for their selected real world negotiation.

The essence of business is creating value for your customer so that your company can capture financial value.
— Adam Brandenburger & Barry Nalebuff

Download the Negotiate for Results® brochure.