Manage Customers for Results


Drive growth through value

Manage Customers for Results® will deepen participants' understanding of their most important customers. Enabling them to create more value for the organisation by leveraging customer relationships.

How an organisation manages its strategic relationships with key customers has a dramatic impact on the success and profitability of their business. As the pace of change quickens, it is essential that all staff manage critical accounts more effectively. This is even more important when key accounts are serviced by many business units.

It moves the approach from operational effectiveness to identifying strategic opportunities and this will enable businesses to successfully plan, to better understand and to build sustainable relationships with their existing key customers.

Satisfied customers can lead to increased profits, yet creating satisfied customers is not as simple as lowering prices and offering incentives. To defend and grow their profits organisations need to understand what customer's value, and then deliver it consistently.

I don’t want another single point of contact! What I need is a single point of accountability!
— Dennis McGillivray

Download the Manage Customers for Results® brochure here.